How to Tell If Olive Oil Has Gone Bad

Olive oil is a mainstay for a variety of different recipes. From using it in pestos to drizzling it on your salad with lemon juice, olive oil is all over the place. You can even use it in a homemade exfoliant since it's so good for your skin! However, olive oil can go bad and rancid which won't taste very good when used in your food. Here are some things to notice if you're worried your olive oil has gone bad. * Good olive oil should smell fragrant and fruity and taste like the olives it was made from. Rancid oil has a very distinctive odor and stale flavor almost reminiscent of motor oil. A peppery or spicy smell is a good thing as it means the oil is of high quality, as evidenced by unrefined extra-virgin olive oil.

* Don't worry if there's sediment in your olive oil. Some unfiltered oils have residue from pieces of the olive used.

* Store in a cool, dark place but not in your refrigerator. The condensation could affect the taste.

You may use olive oil often enough that you won't need to worry if it's gone bad. But if it has gone bad, no need to throw it out. Use it on your squeaky doors or as candle oil!