How To Deal With Food That Has Gone Bad

Second-Day Meal Of Leftovers by Marcus Samuelsson

A great way to deal with leftovers and foods gone bad, either visibly or just past a printed date, is to compost. Europeans have been doing it for ages, and even have compost pick-up programs similar to ours for trash and recycling.

While waste of prepared food should (and can!) be avoided, waste such as potato peels, egg shells, and the outer, fleshy leaves of onion are inescapable bi-products of cooking. Deal with these discards in a natural and eco-friendly way by starting a compost!

A friend in Switzerland has her compost bin built into her counter - just a little, removable round container about a foot deep with a rubber-sealed cap on the top to prevent the kitchen from smelling like the bin's contents. She keeps a compost pile out back which ferments into manure that she uses in her garden.

Another friend in New York City keeps a bag inside a small, topped garbage bin next to her ones for garbage and recycling and empties the bag at a community garden every week.

Wherever you are, there are great options for putting inescapable and the occasional left-overs gone bad to good use!