Honoring Leah Chase

Due to my schedule I won't be able to be in New Orleans on Monday night, but if I was you better believe I'd be at the New Orleans Museum of Art Gala honoring Leah Chase. What can I say about Leah Chase? First and foremost, I consider her a great mentor and her contributions to the New Orleans community is beyond admirable.

Monday night's gala will unveil an exhibition of paintings by artist Gustave Blanche III, intimate moments he captured of Leah stirring at the stove, greeting restaurant guests, even ordering supplies. For those who know this legendary woman, it's a fitting tribute to someone who has put so much love and passion into sharing her food. The gala will also inaugurate the Leah Chase Art Purchase Fund for the acquisition of artworks by African American artists for the museum's permanent collection. And if that wasn't enough? Ms. Chase is also catering the event. 

If you're in the area and want to experience a memorable night, get a ticket to the event and give her a kiss for me. Leah, I'm sending you all my love and congratulations for a well-deserved celebration.

Click through the gallery for more images of the NOMA exhibition dedicated to Leah Chase.

Photos Courtesy of New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA)

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