Home Grocery Delivery and the Environment

grocery, produce, food, delivery With the advanced continuation of modern technology and the boom of more and more businesses offering home delivery services for convience, its really nothing that you can't get sent to your home. Everything from clothes, appliances, and even supplies for your pet, the need to go out and shop has now been narrowed down to three clicks for overnight shipping. Specialty and artisan foods have been available online for years and you can order your favorite savory or sweet imports and have them just in time for your dinner party Saturday night. But what if you can order every fresh ingredient you can find in the grocery store and have it delivered right to your door?  This option may become a way of life, according to an article post on The Salt, NPR's food blog.  

Grocery home delivery may now be the new thing to do, and also a great way to help the environment. Food delivery along with shared transportation can cut carbon dioxide emissions by half, compared to having a human household get in a car and driving to the store. According to the article, ordering your groceries online and using the delivery system of shared transportation, the deliveries are clustered according to neighborhoods and delivered along delivery routes. The clustered routes produce 90% less CO2 emission, and also allows the convience of not having to pick up your groceries. This also encourages an abundance of community - supported agriculture.

Although not available yet in all cities, the home grocery delivery concept will be the future of food. With the ongoing popularity of farmers markets, new restaurants and celebrity chefs branching out into several different communities, it has never been easier to enjoy fresh delicious food.

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