Here's Where Rising Food Prices Will Hit The Hardest

Rising food prices won't affect everyone the same. In certain countries, people spend a disproportionately greater share of their income on food. For instance, Americans use about seven percent of their total spending for buying food. Yet, in Indonesia, the average citizen uses 43 percent! If the price of rice doubles in the U.S., Americans will simply reallocate some of their spending. Indonesians face a much graver problem. To determine how much a country will be impacted by the food price crisis, you can use this interactive map. Click on a country's percentage to see household spending and the relative amount spent on food. Total household expenditures in America were $32,051, and the amount spent on food per person was $2,208. But in Algeria, total household expenditures were $1,305 and the amount spent on food per person was $571. That's a difference of about 37% between the United States and Algeria. These discrepancies reveal where food prices will hit hardest.

As rising food prices continue to rise, people living in areas where more money is spent on food will suffer more. To learn more about why food prices are going up, click here.