Helping Africa

Clean water and access to food are some of the simplest things that we can take for granted each and every day. In places like Africa, these can be some of the hardest resources to attain if you live in a rural area. Never has that been more prevalent than now, with the worse drought that East Africa has endured in more than fifty years. We are all aware that last week, the United Nations declared famine in two parts of Somalia, which makes this drought in the Horn of Africa the greatest humanitarian crisis right now, with millions of refugees needing food assistance immediately. As an Ethiopian, this issue affects me greatly since it clearly hits close to home.

As a chef, I always have in mind how to properly feed the public, but at times its easy to forget that some people have trouble getting any food, much less adequate nutrition. There are over 13 million people that need our help today in the Horn of Africa. Many international organizations are putting together relief efforts to help those in need but they need our donations. Just click on our banner to donate money to the UN's World Food Programme and click here for more information from Food Republic on how you can help with hunger relief efforts.

Help those suffering in the Horn of Africa

Check back today for more information later on this humanitarian crisis and for other ways to help those in need.