Help the Museum of Food and Drink with Their First Exhibit

If you're reading this post, you probably know how important food is. It's not just a staple for life: it's our culture, too. We think about, discuss, learn about, and consume it everyday. So a group of leaders in the food world have an idea centered on that: they want to open the Museum of Food and Drink, also known as MOFAD.

With a mission of education, they are led by food historian and scientist Dave Arnold, quoted below.

"Why isn't there a museum devoted to food at the same level of something that's like the Natural History Museum or the Smithsonian? If I want to learn about you, I'm going to go to your house and we'll break bread. We'll have dinner. Then I feel like I'll know who you are. And it's that idea that we can experience cultures through what we eat and how we eat and the history of how we eat. That (idea) needs a museum because you can't eat on TV. You can't read about food and have tasted it."

- Dave Arnold on CNN's The Next List

Their first proposed exhibit wants to unwrap the secret to the standard American breakfast: puffed cereal. And for the Museum of Food and Drink, exploring the history of a common food means a 3,200-pound puffing gun that explodes out its product. Not too shabby. (Ever wanted to try fresh cereal? Done.)

For another week, you can help out with its Kickstarter campaign to raise $80,000. (Do it for the Baggu tote bag.) Read more about its mission, team, and future on the website.