Help Support The First Ever Vegan Pop Up In New York contributor Ayinde Howell knows a thing or two about eating vegan. He not only chronicles his vegan eats and adventures for Food Republic he's a freelance executive chef, green entrepreneur consultant, and founder of i Eat Grass, a blog about vegan food. Now Ayinde is taking it one step further with the first ever vegan pop up in New York City! WildFlower is seeking funding through Kickstarter a website for crowd-sourced funding for start ups and other business ideas.

Ayinde's project seeks not just to make food in a pop-up, or temporary space, he wants to make vegan food that is delicious and affordable. A lifelong vegan, Ayinde's three-day project is his passion, and will allow him to showcase his edible creations from Bistro Night to brunch. Head over to WildFlower's Kickstarter page for more information on his project. For a general primer on vegan-eating read Ayinde's article on Food Republic, An Intro To Animal-Free Eating.

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