Healthy Pizza Options

Covered in cheese and dripping with grease, pizza has a bad nutritional reputation. But pizza doesn't have to be a diet nightmare. Try these different healthy pizza options in New York: 1. Slice: At Slice, wholesome ingredients are the foundation for healthy pies. Started by half-Indian, half-Japanese twins, Slice offers all-natural, organic toppings. "The Guru" comes with honey whole wheat crust, part-skim organic mozzarella, free-range chicken sausage, and all-natural marinara sauce. Slice also serves gluten-free crust, vegan mozzarella, and antiobiotic-free, hormone-free meats.

2. Cafe Viva: Vegan, vegetarian, and kosher pizza never tasted better. With a variety of crust alternatives, including corn and spelt, Cafe Viva accomodates a plethora of diets. The "Zen" pizza features green tea herbed miso-tofu and mushrooms on that nutty spelt crust.

3. Revd Up Pi: Boasting a 170 calorie slice, Revd Up Pi takes healthy pizza to a whole new level. Low-sugar crusts and sauces, low sodium recipes, and low fat toppings are just a few ways Revd Up shows a commitment to healthy eating.

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