Healthy Foods Financing Goes To IFF

By: Melaina Gasbarrino

Healthy foods have recently just been given a new lifeline in America through funding. The IFF, a non-profit lender and real estate consultant dedicated to strengthening communities around America, received a $3 million grant from The U.S. Department of Treasury this past week. The grant was given out in an effort to increase America's initiatives in developing a healthier country.

The grant, as noted in "Nonprofit Lender IFF Selected for U.S. Healthy Foods Financing Initiative" will go towards "improving access to healthy foods in low-income neighborhoods classified as "food deserts." Joe Neri, the CEO of IFF, is ever so pleased they have been awarded the grant. Neri believes the grant will enable the organization to "proactively develop and invest in projects that will bring healthy foods, support better health outcomes, and generate jobs in low-income neighborhoods" all in a days work. The IFF will use the grant awarded by investing in food-related projects in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri and Wisconsin. Just as chefs around the world are creating healthier communities the IFF will do just that, with a few million dollars worth of grant money ready to be put to use.

This grant is all thanks to the Healthy Foods Financing Initiative (HFFI) which was proposed by the Obama Administration in hopes that a healthier America will be developed in the years to come. There are a whole slew of programs that are already being developed through the HFFI, this being just another initiative to add to ensuring a healthy America is fashionably formed. With the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) already having developed School Breakfast Programs and Summer Meal Programs, children around the world are finally seeing what it is like to eat a healthy, balanced meal on a daily basis.

Michelle Obama has taken the lead on many campaigns to showcase the HFFI in America. First Lady Obama's goal is to increase awareness to develope healthier lifestyles through her Let's Move! Campaign where she is combating obesity by providing sustainable, healthy food options. Also Mrs. Obama, along with the USDA has developed a well thought-out MyPlate Graphic to enhance America's understanding as to what a healthy meal should look like.

Photo: miss karen