Have You Heard Of These Extreme Diets?


While weight-loss is one of the main motivations for dieting, restricting the type and amount of food you put in your body represents a lifestyle change. Following a low-carb or low-fat diet isn't too disruptive-most restaurants can accommodate these dietary restrictions, and appropriate foods aren't difficult to prepare at home. Other diets, however, are more extreme. These intense diets not only radically change the way you eat, but also the way you live.

1. Raw Foods: Rejecting all foods cooked over a certain temperature (usually 118 degrees Fahrenheit) definitely limits food options. Raw foodists eat mainly fruits and vegetables, with nuts and beans thrown in for essential nutrients. Leaving cooked food behind is an extreme option for many dieters, who instead choose to follow a less ascetic vegan or vegetarian path.

2. Juice Diet: During a juice fast, a dieter only drinks fruit and vegetable juice. This detox technique has been lauded as a refreshing purge and a definite fat-buster. Giving up solid food isn't an easy choice though, whatever the potential health benefits.

3. McDonald's Diet: Diets don't have to be about healthy eating. In Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock ate only McDonald's for 30-days. More recently, an elite runner tried eating only McDonald's for the 30 days prior to a marathon. This extreme diet, however amusing, is not recommended for weight-loss.

4. Cookie Diet: At first, the cookie diet sounds similar to the McDonald's diet. But this diet is intended to facilitate weight-loss, going on the principle that cookies can serve as meal-replacements. Dieters don't just eat any cookies though-these treats contain a special group of hunger-fighting amino acids.

For a special detox diet (and secret lemonade recipe), try Holistic Nutrition Chef Rena Unger's method.