Harlem Week Happenings

Harlem week kicked off yesterday with the Harlem jazz and music festival, "A Great Day in Harlem," at Grant Memorial Park. I kicked off the festivities for the month on the Macy's Chefs-A-Go-Go food truck where I served my blackened catfish sandwich and sweet potato fries. The truck staff did such a good job and the food flew fast. We fed over a thousand people at the Harlem festival yesterday, and the same goes for Friday morning where I was in Washington, D.C.

It was great seeing everyone that came out to meet me at the trucks. Thank you for all of those who joined us, since the money you donated went to a good cause. For every $1 donated, Feed America can provide up to 7 meals to local food banks throughout the country. So we helped feed others while we also fed ourselves!

Aside from the truck, the festival was poppin'. There were many other food stands for people to enjoy, as well as the many talented musical acts that went on throughout the day.

Check back a little later for when I tell you my favorites.

This week, we'll start our Harlem Week reporting so stay tuned for events happening throughout the month, as well as a few surprises that I'll have in store for my neighborhood of Harlem.

Have a great week and remember to celebrate the community that you live in!

Photo: Cyndi Amaya