Harlem Photo of the Week

We love sharing all of the events and happenings in Harlem with you, but some aspects of this great neighborhood cannot even be expressed through words. So much of what it is and personifies, doesn't actually occur at events throughout the neighborhood; the everyday people, architecture, and art that exist in Harlem are actually what create the essence of this historic neighborhood and make Harlem what it is. Since it's often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, we figured we'd show you what Harlem is all about instead of just telling you. Every week, we'll feature a picture that we think truly exemplifies the rich culture of Harlem. 

For our first picture, we found a beautifully-painted mural located on a storefront on 125th Street before Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd. It features the faces of great contemporary African American heroes including Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, and President Barack Obama. The mural speaks for itself, "Welcome to  Heavenly Harlem"!

Photo: Melaina Gasbarrio

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