Harlem Football Company Visits Red Rooster

On Tuesday, Red Rooster Harlem had the pleasure of welcoming the Harlem Football Company as they celebrated a big night for some of their hard working students and football players. Throughout its history, Harlem has never had a Varsity football team until now with the creation of the Harlem Football Company.

Now in its second year running, the Harlem Football Company, run by chairman Richard Blanch, has succeeded in building teams for 9th and 10th grade boys within Harlem community schools as a way to succeed in school and give them access to college scholarships. By providing the students with coaching in an organized sport and even a gym and training facility, they are empowering these Harlem children to aim for higher educational goals through the fun sport of football.

The Harlem Football Company uses football as "the hook" to peak the youth's interest in performing better in school. In order to participate in the football program, students must undergo at least 144 hours of small group instructions and 36 weeks of tutoring in order to succeed and raise their scores in SAT, ACT, and other college preparatory tests and entrance exams. This well-rounded youth program is working to empower the youth in our community through a fun after-school sport like football while still instilling in them the importance of education.

That's why we're proud to have hosted one of their special dinner events at Red Rooster this week. The Harlem Football Company had a ongoing campaign to encourage the 9th and 10th grade football students to succeed in their studies by setting up a competition between the two grades in order to win the prize of a special dinner hosted for them at Red Rooster Harlem. The students were thrilled to hear they might "get to dine at the same restaurant as President Obama" which fueled their desire to succeed in the online educational exams and extra study sessions that the HFC arranged. In the end, the 9th graders beat out their 10th grade competition and were treated to a personalized dinner at Red Rooster.

We were so thrilled to host the Harlem Football Company students and even more excited to hear that the students themselves went on to encourage the 10th graders to study harder in the future for their own chance to win a dinner at Red Rooster. It's amazing organizations and youth like them that truly make us proud to be a part of this community.

For more information about The Harlem Football Company, please email Lauren Cohen at lcohen@metierbeaute.com. 

Photos: Warren Chow

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