Happy Hannukah


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A great way to celebrate the first night of Hanukkah is to make delicious latkes for dinner. Recently I shared my potato-based recipe for Latkes with Apple-Horseradish Sauce. In this Wall Street Journal article, I've learned that potatoes are not the original base for these savory pancakes. The included recipes from chefs would offer a delicious accompaniment to any holiday meal.

Originally, latkes were made of buckwheat or root vegetables, and it was not until potatoes came to Europe from the New World that they became synonymous with this holiday fare. The article offers latkes inspired by the traditional pre-potato Jewish fare. These seasonal takes on Hanukkah food including Butternut Squash and Honeycrisp Apple Latkes; and Beet, Carrot and Potato Latkes look scrumptious.

How are you celebrating Hanukkah with food this year? Comment below.