Happy 100th Birthday, Julia!

When I was cooking at Aquavit, Julia would come in occasionally. No matter how many times I met her, I was always nervous when she sat down in my dining room. On this one visit, Julia beckoned me over to her seat, and pointed at the dish she was eating and declared, "This sauce has butter in it."

I often say that the kitchens I came up in have been a male-dominated space. We men tend to try to out-macho each other to prove we can do bigger and better each and every time. But if you think about it, women have had the most influence in American food. Look at Sylvia Woods. Look at Leah Chase. Look at Julia Child.

Julia was the original culinary reality star. She wasn't afraid to learn how to cook much later in her life and she taught us imperfection can create the most wonderful meals. She dropped stuff, didn't rely on traditional methods and most importantly she showed us how fun it was to cook. She continues to touch and inspire us today, and for that, cooks and chefs across the world will continue her legacy.

Did you catch the Autotuned video of Julia on PBS? You have to take a look here:

Happy Birthday, Julia!