GrubHub Scores $50 Million Dollar Deal

The best ideas always seem to pop up all while enjoying a drink or two. For Mike Evans and Matt Maloney, their 'ah-ha' moment came 7 years ago while attempting to solve the problem as to how people can easily order food online. Within days the two developed, a tool that enables you to type in your address and locate where the best nearest restaurant that will deliver directly to your door. Now 7 years and a couple hundred employees later, the 13-city team is ready to expand into the college scene.

GrubHub purchased, a New York-based company, which operates and By purchasing Dotmenu, they are now tapping into the ever-expanding college communities within 50 US cities. Noted in Lorene Yue's "GrubHub gets $50-mil. Infusion, Gobbles up Dotmenu," Evans and Maloney knew the acquisition would be a perfect fit to their ever-expanding company. By purchasing Dotmenu together, there will be more than 250,000 listings in more than 50 cities. With this purchase there isn't a need to venture out of your door on a rainy afternoon to buy food, GrubHub and Dotmenu have it all under control.

There certainly is a rise of food and technology coming together, and it is with the help of food Apps and interesting food websites that can either help guide you on how to turn an online recipe into a delectable dish or how you can find a local and sustainable eating option near you. Food Apps are the thing of today, and now with GruHub and Dotmenu's new deal, the Internet just got a whole lot cozier for the take-out food lover in you.

Photo: Mykl Roventine