Great Leftovers Make for Delicious Meals

Second-Day Meal Of Leftovers

Everyone is familiar with reheating their food to eat it later. Whether you just nosh on leftovers as a snack or reheat with the full intention to have as a second meal, there are endless possibilities on what you can do. You can spruce up a reheated pork chop with some new zesty condiments to give some extra pizzazz or just wrap up cheese and mushrooms in a tortilla for an easy burrito.

Reheating carbohydrate-heavy foods like potatoes and pastas are always a good bet since they tend to keep their flavors more easily than greens. Sweet potatoes are a great reheated item as they pair well with condiments like spicy mustard and sweet chili sauce. Pasta dishes like lasagna and tagliatelle can also be great to reheat. Pasta is particularly easy as you can just add in your own pesto.

For the vegans and vegetarians, never fear. Stir-fried rice is a great option as is vegetarian chili as both are hearty meals that can be spruced up with more spice if needed. Be sure to pair with leftover greens like spinach much like this Indian Spiced Chickpeas with Rhubarb and Spinach recipe. Healthy and fiber-packed recipes will keep you full and energetic!

Salads are also a great way incorporate your leftovers in new meals. Combine your tomatoes with leftover legumes such as lentils to make a great salad. Couscous is another perfect addition to a meal; pair with ground turkey patties for a delicious bite. No matter what you have left in your fridge, you shouldn't be at a loss for options!