Great Ideas For Camp Care Packages

Summer days conjure images of fresh mountain air, lakeside picnics and raucous outdoor dinners that go on until the wee hours.  However, for those of us in the city, summer days actually mean soaring temperatures, stuffy subway rides and frizzed hair.  Kids at camp don't know how good they have it!  Here are some great ideas for camp care packages for those lucky little ones who are away for the summer.  Of course, you can always fashion a care package for yourself, sit back and take full advantage of your summer staycation! 

  • Cookies - Top of the list and for good reason! No child in their right mind can resist a box of homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Let them know you're thinking about them with these tasty treats, or try this great, healthier alternative, peanut no butter cookies!
  • S'Mores - This quintessential summer snack is equally delicious made at home over a stovetop and in the woods over a crackling amber fire.  Send kids all the basics, chocolate, marshmallows and these amazing homemade whole-wheat graham crackers to set their s'mores apart from the rest.
  • Hot Chocolate Mix - Next in this chocolate-themed care package is the end all and be all of woodsy treats: a steaming cup of hot chocolate.  Yummy hot cocoa to ease the pain of long summer hikes and warm those chilly summer nights.  Skip the small packets and put the mix in a jar, tied with some ribbon and a heartfelt note attached for a sweet and sentimental gift.  You can even use said chocolate mix in this refreshing and healthy chocolate smoothie!
  • Canteens - Nothing says summer like the clang of an old school water canteen, jangling along as you run to the next activity.  Keep your kids healthy and hydrated with a cool new canteen, or pick from these great reusable water bottles.
  • Outdoor Games - Endless summer days are one of the many advantages of the current season, so why not take advantage of al that time with great outdoor activities.  A relaxed, yet fun game of badminton is a great way to stay active while hanging out with friends.  Many sets are easy to set up and travel light - a great addition to this already awesome care package.  Other fun outdoor activities include Frisbee, ring toss and croquet.
  • Comics - Lazy summer days are great for lazy summer reading!  While downtime in the bunk is rare, there is great nostalgia attached to reading your favorite comics, from Superman to Archie and Friends, by the glimmer of a flashlight.  Keep your kids entertained before lights out by sending them some of your favorite comic books.

Any other great camp package ideas? Share them here!

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Photo: Lindsay Hunt