Grand Central Market, Los Angeles, USA

Street food - By Marcus Samuelsson


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Los Angeles, California is a city of healthy people who are conscious of what they put into their bodies. Street food is considered fast food and unhealthy. It may not all add up, but you will find enough delicious street food in Grand Central market in The City of Angels to put that conundrum to rest. This 85-year-old market not only has fresh fruits and vegetables that you can crunch into while you shop, it has the freshest local meat, poultry and fish that you can take home to complete your excesses in food that is both guilt-free and good for your body.

Its history goes back to 1917, when well-to-do Angelenos rode the Angels Flight Railway for a penny down to the best open-air shopping in town. There are over 80 years of shops, aisles of thrilling sights, aromas, delicious tastes, historic neon signs - and  value for food. Over 38 merchants offer the experience of fresh produce, but not only can you find fruit, vegetable and meat - there are also nuts, spices and candy. But like it is suggested always, don't shop hungry - have giant pupusas, burritos and rotisserie-roasted chicken before you start on your grocery trek. Also, don't miss the Cuban sandwiches.

But don't go only  by what I recommend. Expand your palate. This is world food at your fingertips. There are kebabs, roast joints, Hawaiian barbecue, taquilerias, including cow-tongue tacos. Even if you are not onto nose-to-tongue munching, try CalMex, try LA pizza. Try everything you have curiosity and craving for. There s also Chinese, Salvadorian, Mexican, American if you desire more than merely the West Coast.

I strongly recommend being hungry for Los Angeles.

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