Gramercy Tavern

This month's Edible Manhattan contains a striking profile of Gramercy Tavern's executive chef Micheal Anthony.  This chef is an impressive guy, lauded for his commitment to farmers and cooking seasonally. Danny Meyer, owner of Gramercy Tavern says: "[Anthony's] cooking style...was also what I call 'day-of' cooking: You knew what day of the year it was, and where you were. It was exactly the sense that I got tasting [Anthony's] food...You should know exactly where you are in the year."

Anthony is a talented, dedicated and even-tempered chef, "he cooks without masking any of the ingredients, but he doesn't use their purity as a crutch," says Meyer.

I respect a chef who gives back to the community.  From working in schools and giving tours of the Greenmarket, he is leading in the culinary revolution that not only starts the conversation, he stays a part of it.

Anthony credits his approch to "freshness" and "responsibility."  He hopes for Gramercy to be "consistently delicious, not just consistent."  I think this is a worthy goal.

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