Gilt Taste Has Launched! is live online today! Bringing the experience of the Gilt Groupe websites together with the incredible Ruth Reichl, this website is likely to be a success.  What is Gilt Taste?, you might be wondering. According to the website, it's an online market, interactive magazine with stories, articles and recipes. It's more than that, though. Gilt Taste is bringing the product to the consumer, and the consumer to the marketplace.

Gilt Taste is supporting artisan food producers and helping "de-mystify food trends." It's connecting chocolate-dipped figs from Philadelphia with an Arizonan with a sweet tooth or a beautifully marbled slab of sustainably raised porterhouse steak from California with a couple in Nevada.

Bringing together talents of writers, chefs, food makers, and photographers, this sit is an exciting addition to the Internet marketplace. The question remains whether people buy high-quality food online. So much about shopping for food is a personal and visceral experience. Whether it's smelling the delicious aroma of a chocolate store, or carrying home a baguette and a pound of ground meat for dinner, shopping for food is a hands-on experience.

But, it's not just about shopping, it's also about making food, at home or with friends. In that case, Gilt Taste could find success through being a part of the ritual of eating. The products will join in on the cookout, the cheese plate, or the sweet and salt sampler of popcorn during a weekend movie.

What do you think about Gilt Taste? Would you buy food online?