Get Fit for Summer! Eat Kiwis to Lose Weight

Get Fit For Summer!

With a good mix of soluble and insoluble fiber, kiwi is a fruit made for weight-loss. Additionally, their vitamin C content promotes healing and recovery after tough workouts, making this healthy fruit a go-to post-exercise snack.  And, since kiwi is low in calories, it's a guilt free afternoon treat when you're on a diet.

One of the tastiest ways to enjoy kiwi is in a smoothie. Combine kiwis with yogurt, ice, and a little honey, and then process in a blender. This extremely filling beverage fights hunger cravings and is a delicious breakfast choice. Try adding kiwi to this green smoothie recipe, too. Like grapefruit, another fruit great for weightloss, kiwis are delicious on their own. For a cheap and easy way to decorate your kitchen keep a bowlful of fruits on hand so that you're more likely to choose a healthy snack.

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