Get Fit for Summer! Can Eating More Help you lose weight?

Last Tuesday, the New York Times shocked many readers with the assertion that you can eat more and lose weight. However, there is a caveat. The new research doesn't suggest doubling up on french fries or ice cream sundaes but on vegetable purees and spicy foods. In "Adding Food and Substracting Calories," author Tara Parker-Pope shared the findings of new research, which "shows that eating more of certain food can stave off hunger pangs and control calories."

Here's what you should know from the article:

* Cayenne pepper and pureed vegetables are natural appetite supressants * Diners who ate spicy soup ate 60 fewer calories at the next meal than people who ate regular soup * Red pepper in food appeared to increase metabolism in the diner's body and cause the body to burn and extra 10 calories on it's own * Diners who ate casseroles with vegetable puree folded in bulked up the dish, resulting in fewer calories per serving. * Diners who ate the casseroles that incorporated vegetable purees ate 200 to 350 calories per meal.

How can you incorporate this into your meals?

* Add grated zucchini or carrots to baked goods. 1 cup will not change the flavor much, but it will decrease the calories per serving, and incorporate vegetables * Add vegetables to dishes such as macaroni and cheese * Puree vegetables and add them to home-cooked meals such as soups, stews, and casseroles

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