George Washington's and Abraham Lincoln's Favorite Dishes

By Editors

To celebrate President's Day this Monday, try some of George Washington's and Abraham Lincoln's favorite dishes for a festive Presidents Day fete.

Washington favored a humble, simple diet. Although he loved cherries and fish, he was not, by modern standards, a gourmet. Yet, he did consume the land's local bounty, eating game, produce from plantations, and fish from nearby rivers. Since Washington once quipped, "a glass of wine and a bit on mutton are always welcome," serve lamb stew with sauteed morning glory.

In contrast to Washington, Lincoln served exquisite, extravagant meals at state dinners. Still, Lincoln actually preferred simple foods, too, like apples, coffee, and bacon. For breakfast on Presidents Day, you (and Honest Abe) might like my honey-roasted potatoes with fried eggs and bacon-a hearty meal for a hard day's work.

Presidents Day offers a chance to honor America's greatest leaders. Celebrate their achievements with their favorite foods.