George Mendes's Portuguese Inspired Cuisine

Weekly Dish Recommendation By Jason Bell

February is the perfect month for something indulgent.  For a weekend splurge, I like to visit Aldea and try George Mendes's Portuguese-inspired cuisine. His grits are rib-sticking, creamy, cheesy and full of corn flavor. At Aldea, grits come in a little sauce pan alongside a plate of New Bedford diver scallops.

Mendes's scallops arrive seared and just warm in the middle. Nestled over king oyster mushrooms, the scallops taste caramelized and briny. With a hint of citrus and a spoonful of those grits, the entire plate comes is a beautiful symphony of flavor, wedding the notes of sea and earth.

While Aldea certainly isn't an everyday dinner kind of place, special occasions (and even everyday occasions) merit wonderful food. New Bedford diver scallops are a great choice on a menu of innovative Portuguese hits.