Gary Shteyngart's Sunday Food Routine

Food is essential to most people's lives, whether they're a chef, a banker, or even a writer like Gary Shteyngart. In this weekend's Sunday Routine column in the New York Times Metro section, Mr. Shteyngart shared his culinary adventures, and how they inspire him in his writing.  Just within that short article, Mr. Shteyngart ate or saw a place reminding him of the following: multigrain bread with peanut butter and orange marmalade, lamb burger, liang pi cold skin noodles, lentils, cauliflower, chicken, goat and kebabs, porchetta, trippa alla Romana, and a vodka tonic. The from remembering a two-hour lunch at Pakistani Teah House to the lamb burger under a bridge, eating and wandering between the different food joints gives Mr. Shteyngart ideas, just like going to a great Chinese restaurant in Flushing, Queens might inspire a new dish at Red Rooster.

For me, a weekend is often in and out of the restaurant, but it's great to get out and play some soccer and see my buddies. It's all a balance, whether you're a chef getting out to play soccer or reading a novel, and if you're a writer, wandering around New York trying the amazing foods this city has to offer.

Do you have food-related weekend routines?