Fourth of July Baking Roundup

Fourth of July is right around the corner. While I'm sure you've thought about what you're throwing on the grill, have you thought about baking this Independence Day? We all know there's nothing more American than apple pie, but you can go even further with these delicious recipes!

Any Fourth of July celebration has to have some share-able sweets. Another distinctly American treat is the chocolate chip cookie. Try this classic chocolate chip cookie recipe or add in some peanut butter and chocolate chunks for a delicious twist. Remember that you can always make your cookie dough in advance this weekend and throw them in the oven for quick, fresh cookies on the Fourth!

Take advantage of the fresh fruits that are in season right now and make an easy to bake peach cobbler. Or use some inspiration from the colors of the flag and whip up a strawberry whole-wheat cake studded with plump, red berries. Go for either a la mode with homemade frozen yogurt.

If you're vegan or have any vegan guests joining your Independence Day celebration, these cupcakes with vanilla frosting are so delicious that even non-vegans will be asking for more. Short on time? Try some no-bake peanut butter and oat truffles, which take almost no time and aren't messy to eat.

The kids (or the kids-at-heart) at your Fourth of July party will love homemade s'mores, which capture the nostalgic flavor of summer and are a great excuse for a campfire. You can even bake your own graham crackers to accompany the chocolate and marshmallow gooey goodness!

What are you baking this Fourth of July?