Four Great Ideas for Vegetarian Grilling


Memorial Day is almost here, which means it's time to break out the grill and welcome summer! Even if you're not a meat eater, there are great ways to enjoy grilling as a vegetarian. Here are four meat-free ideas to get the most out of your grill. 

Bitter Greens - It may sound strange, but grilling brings out a great charred flavor in bitter greens like treviso, radicchio, or endive that pair well with flavorful cheeses. Try this great recipe for Grilled Treviso with Watercress and Creamy Blue Cheese Recipe.

Portobello Mushroom Burgers - Not only are portobello burgers the perfect size for hamburger buns, they're a great, low-calorie option for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Choose mushrooms with large caps, and make sure to reserve the stems, they're edible, too!

Mixed Vegetable Kebabs - Choose your favorite spring vegetables and create a colorful medley for the grill. Combine the vegetables on bamboo skewers or reusable stainless steel skewers. Just make sure to soak the bamboo ones for 30 minutes beforehand to avoid burning! serve with a whole grain and a refreshing cocktail!

Tofu Steaks - Marinate tofu steaks in your favorite marinade and grill for a delicious, hearty meal. Pair with whole-wheat hamburger buns and roasted red peppers for a delicious weekend meal.

Grilled Peach Salad with Mint and Feta - Sprinkle halved and pitted peach wedges with a little brown sugar and grill to caramelize their juicy interiors. Toss with torn mint leaves and some crumbled feta for a delicious summery appetizer.

What are you favorite ingredients for vegetarian grilling?