Football Food Favorites

By: Dylan Rodgers

What is the first thing you think of when the summer comes to a close? How about when you feel that first cool breeze with the smell of fall floating in the air? Personally, I am overwhelmed with the joy of hitting people and tossing around a pointy pigskin ball! IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON!

There are few things better than sitting around with friends eating mountains of grilled meats and vegetables while watching professionals (and college students) beat the tar out of each other for four hours. And when you're hosting a crowd of 250 to 300 pound ex-players or football enthusiasts, the food is far more important than when you held that book club meeting at your house a few days ago.

Here are some foods to consider when planning a get together with a former O-Line:

Beer: Though beer is not a meal (excluding Guinness or Sam Smith's Oatmeal Stout of course), it remains the one of the most important items for any gaming experience. Many football maniacs would more readily have brewskies than food, even those not interested in alcohol. One word of advice: start heavy and go light. This means provide stouts or ambers in the first half, and offer lighter beers in the second. Tactics such as this will help distract the behemoths for a bit.

Meat: Most men wouldn't mind a plate full of meat void of sides and garnishes, so the meat is very important. For a game, focus on finger foods; they're easier to eat on the couch and it helps build that primal connection that football fans long for. Satisfy your guest's palates with sweet and spicy chicken wings or fall-off the bone, melt in your mouth BBQ short ribs. The best part about these, are they can be made at home or on the tailgate!

Dips: 6 words: homemade guacamole, seven-layered been dip, salsa... 'nuf said.

Snacks: Most people when thinking snacks would grab a bag of potato chips. But for this season, try and think outside that loud, crinkly bag.

  1. Make your own corn and flour tortilla chips with sea salt-it's super easy and they are way better than store-bought.
  2. Roasted, red chili corn on the cob. That's right, to the big boys that's a snack.
  3. Grilled, cheese and sausage stuffed jalepenos.
  4. Garlic potato wedges

Now that the food is taken care of, the only thing left is to plan the half-time entertainment, and please, leave the slide show of your trip to Yosemite out of it. Happy Football Season everyone!

What are your favorite football snacks?

Photo: Indirect Heat