Foodies Have Reasons to Protest Wall Street

By: Michele Wolfson

The anti-Wall Street sentiment amongst protestors occupying downtown Manhattan is palpable throughout this nation, no matter where one stands regarding Wall Street's impact on our economy. The concern is that the place that has made our country prosper is also contributing to the downfall of our economy. We have the ability to make money, but greed enters and makes it extremely difficult for America to prosper. It's a dichotomy: The public wants Wall Street to make a profit but at the same token, there is a lot of greed and unfortunately many industries, such as the food industry, are part of the problem the United States faces.

Agribusiness has been criticized tremendously for being avaricious and the government's hands-off approach to regulating genetically modified organisms, amongst other controversial issues pertaining to the food industry, has brought up the argument that foodies should be down at Wall Street protesting that changes must be made to the way Wall Street is run in conjunction with the food industry.  It is argued that food conglomerates are spending money on lobbyists to influence congress, but the truth of the matter is that Americans have the power to do their own research and find out where their food comes from and at what price.  Many feel that it's important for foodies to be protesting at Wall Street because the American dream is to strengthen this country by creating good products while making a profit. While this may sound simple enough, the concern amongst many Americans is that we have gotten away from this basic principle.

There is a notion amongst foodies that in order to make the United States economy significantly better, things have to change. Concerned citizens have been urging that there is a lack of balance because mega-food and US based agriculture industries take advantage of the people who work within and do not attempt to produce high quality food to help the American people live a healthier way of life. Balance means finding a way the food industry can be run profitably without greed being the main source of fuel that runs it. There is hope that together with the American dream and ingenuity, we can make this a better planet while still rendering a profit, as long as it is done honorably.

In order for positive changes to occur in America's food industry, moves must be made in a fair and logistic way. It might sound easier said than done, but droves of Americans are up in arms with the way the government and the food industry are treating the American people and running the country. Those who support the idea that changes need to be made should start by looking for produce suppliers that focus on environmentally friendly companies that provide good worker environments (i.e. anything that says "fair trade" on it). Other measures would be to call your local congress people and ask them to bring attention to these issues as well as addressing major food businesses by letting them know that the American people would buy more of their products if their companies were more conscious of the environment including working environments.

The foodie state of mind is that the best way to get rid of greed is to sell better quality food at a normal price and if Agribusiness took pride in what they did, it would keep greed down.

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