FoodCorps Vision Becomes a Reality

By: Melaina Gasbarrino

America is getting hit with a whole new set of soldiers that are ready to defend its children and healthy eating. FoodCorps has had a vision for a while now and their vision, as of last week, has become a reality. The organizations mission is to provide hands-on nutritional education, bring high-quality local foods into public school cafeterias and create and tend to school gardens.

The best thing about FoodCorps is that they focus on communities around America that has limited access to healthy foods or the highest rates of childhood obesity. It's surely comforting to know there are organizations out there that focus on creating a better America for all.

Donations to FoodCorps are from the likes of The W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Whole Kids Foundation, Orrick, individual donors, and a variety of other foundations. Cecily Upton, Debra and Jerusha Eschmeyer, Curt Ellis and Crissie McMullan have created the concept and are watching it sore through 10 states at 41 working sites. With only 50 spots available there were over 1,230 people that had to be turned down, as the program was not able to support them at this time. But on the brighter side of things FoodCorps members will be paid $15,000 for the year to figure out how their healthy lifestyle will be created, with the support of FoodCorps mentors.

Curt Ellis of FoodCorps was quoted in the New York Times saying FoodCorps success will be found in the numbers, "This year we expect about 60,000 kids to benefit from improved food education, gardens will begin or fortified to try and get kids more excited about fruits and vegetables; fresh food will be sourced from local farms; and parents and community members will be more invested in school food." Needless to say FoodCorps will be creating a foundation that on a daily basis will help children dive into new, healthy lifestyles.

This may be a far-fetched idea for some but for others children around America are eager to learn how to stop wasting money at fast food joints, planting their own garden, and creating their own healthy food masterpieces today. To get involved with FoodCorps, click here.

Adapted from The New York Times, "Food's New Foot Soldiers" By Mark Bittman

Photo: kaiscapes