Food Stamps Reach Record Highs

By: Saira Malhotra

Yet again, the UDSA provides numbers that reveal the hardships endured by large numbers of the American population. In the month of July, 45.345 million people received food stamps, showing an 8.4% increase from the previous year. For many of these people, the welfare laws have made it hard for them to receive cash aid and this is their only source of hope to feed themselves and their families.

Hunger is a growing challenge in the United States; however, it must be recognized as the symptom and not the ailment itself. The country is struggling to get the economy back on its feet and every time we try to stand up, we get brought down to our knees again. Apart from losing business to overseas competition and wars, recent events, such as hurricane Irene don't help either. As a result, the price of produce increases in addition to the millions of dollars' worth of damage that is left behind.

Other companies, such as, Yum Brands , see an opportunity for themselves while addressing the starving nation by lobbying for the government to make food stamps acceptable in fast food restaurants.  While this may address one problem, it certainly gives rise to another.

The country has had enough of 'Elastoplast' solutions. What is needed is a robust and coherent plan to solve socio-economic deficiencies. People living in high food stamp communities, such as Texas and California, deserve to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Photo: pengrin„¢

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