Food Republic Launches Today

I'm very excited to announce that Food Republic launches today. It's a site I co-founded with friends and business partners to give guys a place to go to discuss and read up on everything about food and drink and lifestyle. It's where a man can learn about cooking basics, brush up on technique or the latest recipes and technologies, read about political issues in the food world or even just find out how musicians, artists, fashion designers, bartenders and other men are interacting with food and beverages. (And yes, women are welcome too!)

I started Food Republic because I felt like men don't have a website that reflects how food and drink has become so central to their lives. Every day, whether I'm at Red Rooster or traveling beyond New York City, I meet more and more guys who are working both inside and outside the food and beverage industry, guys who are united by their passion for discovering new ingredients, flavors and ideas. And while there are a lot of food magazines and blogs out there, I sensed this need for a site where food and drink would merely be the jumping-off points to talk about so much more, a site that would inspire happier living and eating for every man.

The site goes live today with recipes that cover the basics (burgers, mac and cheese) and more complex dishes; interviews with guys like Jose Parla, a talented and very successful painter who liked to unwind by making his Cuban grandma's picadillo; and political and activism stories, like the story of a Chicago restaurateur who wanted to serve meatball sandwiches from a food truck and is fighting city hall to make his meatballs on the go.

Ideally, Food Republic will be the name that guys trust for recipes, discussions about food, how to make a great cocktail or throw an awesome dinner party, and maybe even where to get a stylish haircut or buy a cool shirt. I really believe that for a lot of men today, it all starts in the kitchen and goes from there.

You can visit, become a fan of Food Republic on Facebook and follow on twitter.