Food-Related New Year's Resolutions

Even though the New Year has begun, it's not too late to make resolutions.  I love this article from The Atlantic's Helene York about her impressive food-related New Year's resolutions. Her resolutions are not the common "lose ten pounds" or "eat fewer sweets" kind of pledge.  York details 5 goals for an intrepid home cook and food lover who wants to learn more in the new year.

York challenges herself to improve her preserving skills, expanding on her experience curing salmon and pickling cucumbers.  She additionally plans to grow some of her own food, educate herself about the changing landscape of mass-produced food, and to spend more for humanely raised chicken eggs and farming.  Though the commitment to HFAC-certified (Humane Farm Animal Care) eggs will cost her an extra $50/year, her resolution works towards a more humane farming system.

And lastly, in a more humorous vein, York pledges to try three new recipes for sardines, one of her favorite, highly-sustainable foods.  She is an bold consumer of sardines, and even guts them herself. Sardines are highly-nutritious, but if they're not your favorite, she suggests anchovies or chopped clams. York recommends "low-trophic small species" for maximum sustainability, meaning, species which are not high on the food-chain.

What are your food-related new year's resolutions for 2011?

Read her entire article here.