Food & People from around the World!

This week's photos of Food & People were taken by Sheryl Estrada in Florida, USA. Below is what Sheryl has to say about the photos and her experience of Florida, USA. Each Saturday morning from 8 a.m. to noon there's a farmer's market in Fort Pierce, a South Florida city, which is a part of Florida's Treasure Coast. Many Spanish galleons wrecked off of the coast, including those of the 1715 Spanish fleet, leaving behind treasures that have been recovered in the past 50 years -- thus the name. I've never found any gold sparkling in the waters, but for me, this farmer's market is gold. I find it unique, as it not only offers fresh fruit and vegetables, but atmosphere. There's always a band performing, sometimes causing visitors to dance while sipping a smoothie or eating a kettle corn; the food vendors are varied. Set adjacent to the Indian River Lagoon, you get a nice view. It's also in Historic Downtown Fort Pierce, where you can see an old-fashioned building or two. A mix of locals and vacationers, you'll hear a Boston accent one minute, the next, a Southern accent. Everyone is upbeat, experiencing what markets used to be before they became "super."

Thank you Sheryl for your contribution!

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