Food & People from around the World!

This week's photos of Food & People were taken by Samantha Solis in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Below is what Samantha has to say about the photos and her experience of Khada, Bangladesh. I attended pre-wedding ceremonies. The photos show a ritual of feeding the soon to be bride sweets and putting some turmeric on her forehead to give her your blessings. The bride also puts turmeric on ones forehead.

The photos are of the Shaheed Minar monument that commemorates the protesters that were killed for wanting equal recognition for Bangla which is now known as the Language Movement.

There are also photos of the Buddhist Monastery that I thought was so beautiful! It was the best surprise I got during the whole summer at Bangladesh. My friend and her family planned this trip because I was about to be leaving that very weekend. They did warn me a week ahead that they would be taking me somewhere. So I packed my things and got ready for the 10 hours drive. I'm so glad they didn't tell me exactly where. It made it much more beautiful the experience.

Thank you Samantha for your contribution. Keep up the good work!

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