Food & People from around the World!

This week's photos of Food & People were taken by Samantha Solis in 2009 last summer in Feni, Bangladesh. Samantha has great memories of the town in which her friends celebrated her seventeenth birthday. Below is what Samantha has to say about Feni, Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a country within suppressed beauty it has yet received praise by people other than the natives. Its vast greenery is everywhere with the Jack fruit trees, and rice fields. The street food some of the best I have ever had in my life. The first thing that comes in mind on food are the "fuchkas" it's similar to the Indian version "dahi puri" but this has a much simpler outlook it has no sweet tamarind sauce or yogurt it just lights your whole mouth in fire. Delicious. To cool it down drink "chaa" similat to "chai" only better! This country is just unknown to the majority especially in the culinary world. It's not just Bangladesh. It's Burma, Nepal, Cambodia, etc. The experience of being there has changed me.

Thank you Samantha for your contribution, I loved the photos and the story!

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