Food is Social

Meatless Monday By Katie Cizewski

Food is social. At least that is what websites like BakeSpace and the new Foodily for Facebook would have you believe - even And it's true, is it not? When I think of the best meals I've ever had, they were all with people in highly social environments. The number one meal of my life was at the New York Bar and Grill in the Park Hyatt Tokyo with my boyfriend and everyone else in the bustling, sky-high dining room. We were celebrating my twenty-fifth birthday, a social event with food at the focal point. The number one bite of my life was the first time I ever ate a real souffle. It was during level one of my pastry training at the French Culinary Institute and it was a warm, moist cloud of a raspberry souffle. I say bite because that was all I got once the other fifteen students in the class had their try from the sheet tray of little white ramekins.

Setting aside the best to look at the many and it is plain to me that food is social. When I get together with my friends and family we usually end up eating. So I have an idea. Participating in Meatless Monday is a healthy choice for your body and for our planet. It is a strong choice, but yet, a vegetarian diet is sometimes viewed as lacking. My idea is that if the international campaign known as Meatless Monday could become more of a social movement then it may reach more people and change their minds about eating vegetarian. So I'm going to set up a plan to celebrate Meatless Monday with friends over a home cooked vegetarian meal. Maybe I'll even test out Foodily to spread the word on Facebook.