Food is Fashionable Now, Says Martha Stewart

By Editors

Fashion week is here in New York, and clothes are on the minds of many fashion fans and insiders.  But it's not just clothing that is fashionable now, but food. In a Huffington post article, Martha Stewart shared her view that it's not just clothes that are considered fashion now, food too, is in vogue.

While Lady Gaga's meat dress may come to mind, she says, it's actually a more pervasive, positive movement that reflects how food is fashionable now.

From the ubiquitous cupcake to the notion of "you are what you eat," the contemporary culture of food dominates style and trends.  Recenly, Barney's New York featured food prominently in their catalog and "Have a Foodie Holiday" theme.

Whether more people are signing up for classes, adorning themselves in food costumes, or combining food and clothing, it is for the best that food is in style.  Martha Stewart calls the "re-fashioning of food" the silver lining on the recessionary cloud.

It's more than just actual fashion and food.  Choosing a career in food is now fashionable.  Many people who would not have followed their passions for food before the recession are now choosing to pursue what they love.

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