Food-Inspired Jewelry: The Next Big Craze

By: Melaina Gasbarrino

Jewelry will always be a thing of the past, present, and future. It is something we all stay afloat on the latest trends in hopes finding new ways to adorn ourselves. What has now become the new craze for food and jewelry lovers alike is food-inspired jewelry. Gone are the days of your children making you cereal necklaces, and in is purchasing a piece of jewelry that has gained inspiration from your children's unique interpretations of what jewelry is.

Various artists from around the world have taken a liking to diving into the food-inspired jewelry movement and have been ever so successful in doing so. From sweet corn earrings to a crunchy pretzel necklace, Israeli artist Shay Aaron has developed unique miniature food shaped jewelry. The jewelry created by Shay latches onto the concept of children's dollhouse foods and looks to be of that nature, of course all the while making it somewhat sophisticated for all to wear.

Sticking to being inspired by children, Kali Arulpragasm, a jewelry artist is all about developing beautiful, sophisticated food-inspired jewelry all in the name of raising awareness for Oxfam International.  Her 'Hunger Jewelry Line' looks to the cereal necklaces and takes that idea 1,000 steps forward. She uniquely takes a variety of edible items such as black beans, lentils, and wheat and transforms them into sterling silver or plated gold fashion pieces. The proceeds aim to raise awareness of the world's hunger crisis. As we have continued to report on the hunger crisis around the world we are once again ever so grateful for those who have supported up at The Brunch for the Horn of Africa. Not only are artists around the world trying to make a difference, but also we are too by continually developing new ways to end the famine crisis in East Africa.

Food-inspired jewelry may be a thing of today, but taking it one step further by creating awareness of the hunger crisis is a thing of the future.

Would you ever purchase food-inspired jewelry?

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