Food Finds: Jose Gourmet

Buying and eating local has become more than a buzzword-it has become a very important part of the efforts we make to create a more sustainable way of life. But just because something is sourced using traditional methods doesn't mean it has to be presented in an Old World way. Case in point: Jose Gourmet.

This Portuguese food brand is all about modernizing classic pantry staples to seek a balance between work and fun. Oil from Portugal's oldest olive trees, firewater from Lourinha£, and canned goods from the coastal sea get the gallery treatment with packaging from artists like Bernardo Carvalho, Yara Kono and New York illustrator Andre da Loba, whose work can be seen on a jar of rosemary honey. 

Jose Gourmet strives to select items of small production and focuses their attention on quality, not quantity. Transparency is key to the company and they stress that their customers want what they want-the best ingredients, passion for the product and beautiful design. If a pretty piece of art is enough to grab your attention then you'll stick around to try the product inside.

Jose Gourmet products can be found at 

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