Food and Technology: Apples' iCloud, OSX Lion, and iOS5

By Liz McCarthy

Food and technology have become increasingly intertwined as blogs, apps, and social media make it easier and easier to share recipes, your favorite restaurants, artisan food producers, and photos of your culinary creations. This week at their annual Worldwide Developer's Conference, Apple announced some new features they're adding to their lineup that could make some foodies (and techies) very excited. 

iOS 5, Apple's newest operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, will be released in Fall 2011. Here are some of its features that could be game-changers in the food world:

Newsstand - Newsstand will keep all of your digital newspaper and magazine subscriptions in the same place and alert you when new issues arrive. So whether you subscribe to Food and Wine, BBC Good Food Magazine, or want to read the New York Times Dining & Wine section on your iPad, you're covered.

Reminders - While loads of grocery and to-do list apps are currently available, this is the first one made by Apple and the first that will automatically update across platforms. Now you can create a grocery list or step-by-step recipe on your iPad that will automatically be synced to your iPhone and your computer. You can also create location-based notifications - imagine getting a reminder to buy milk when you pull into the parking lot at the supermarket!

Camera/Photos - Apple's adding a function that will turn the volume-up button into a shutter button for super accessibility to the iPhone camera app. There will also be added features for editing right on the iPhone - you'll be able to use composition assistants like grid lines and exposure adjustments, plus you can make edits like cropping and rotating without the aid of a computer. This will make mobile photo-posting easier than ever for food bloggers and the Twitter community.

Airplay Mirror for iPad - If you have an AppleTV, you'll now be able to create a mirror of whatever's on your iPad screen and put it on your HDTV wirelessly. That means if you're using a recipe app like Epicurious or BigOven on your iPad and want to see it on a larger screen, you can view it on your TV without plugging anything in. This could also be an amazing tool if you teach a cooking class - students can follow along with your instruction on a big screen while you flip through slides, recipe steps, or photos on your iPad.

Photo: inUse Consulting on flickr