Food and Philanthropy: Slow Food USA

With three simple words-good, clean and fair-Slow Food USA, a national non-profit organization, has created a comprehensive network of volunteers, advocates, and leaders that strives to transform food and farming policies, bringing better opportunities to farmers and better food to the public. Slow Food aims to cultivate a world where the food is good and healthy, comes from healthy and happy animals and plants, and benefits the individual as well the community at large. Clean food means food that betters our bodies while bettering the environment instead of harming the very resource of our sustenance.Through tried and true ecologically sound methods, growing and harvesting clean food can positively affect local bionetworks while promoting these methods for broader uses. Finally, fair food embraces the idea that food is not a privilege, but rather a right that should be extended to all, regardless of income, and produced by farmers who are treated with respect and justly reimbursed for their efforts. With 225 chapters across the country, 24,000 members and more than 200,000 supporters, Slow Food USA is making great strides to transform the food and farming industry while preserving our planet.

As Americans are becoming more conscious of the ecological and social impact of their food choices, Slow Food USA has provided these everyday people with the skills and resources they need to effect change on a local level and even beyond.

With numerous national chapters, Slow Food in Schools and Slow Foods on Campus focus on hands-on experiences, community cooperation and the joys of eating delicious, healthy food to cultivate lasting relationships between children and young adults and nutritious and fair food. These future leaders will determine the course of food systems in the future. Education is the best tool to ensure that social causes and food justice are protected.

Additionally, the Terra Madre Food Network represents a far-reaching, international association of farmers, cooks, food educators and students who all strive toward a global and sustainable food system. Coming together every two years at the Terra Madre Conference, these activists in sustainable living come from all over the world for the sole purpose of connecting and sharing their experiences, traditions and valuable resolutions for keeping our food and food systems good, clean and fair.

Slow Food USA chapters also provide their communities with interesting and exciting events, from films festivals to farm tours to gourmet tastings, encouraging everyday people to get more involved and support local foods and artisans. Check your local chapter website for a list of these events and visit their website to get involved with Slow Food USA's celebration of good, clean and fair food.

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