Food and Philanthropy: Bushwick City Farms

If you're wandering along the streets of Bushwick in Brooklyn, you might not expect to stumble upon lush greens and lively chickens amid the concrete.  Bushwick City Farms, the small but vibrant neighborhood urban farm, is part of a growing movement of farmers that are adopting the concrete jungle as a home for their farms and gardens, bringing local and food and a sense of community to the busy city.

Started in 2008, Bushwick City Farms' main goal is to transform the city's abandoned lots and unused space into functioning and productive gardens and farms for the complete benefit of the community.  Volunteers banded together to remove the debris and garbage that had accumulated over the years and turned the junkyard into a community center of sorts, fostering a sense of belonging while growing much needed produce.  With an already working location at 897 Broadway and another well underway on Stockton Street, the Bushwick City farmers hope to create a whole network of small, but beneficial urban farms throughout communities and neighborhoods that need them most.

However, Bushwick City Farms' founder, Masha Radzinsky, wanted to take this notion a step further by focusing on the betterment of the local community and trying to provide residents with activities, lectures, and not to mention fresh produce, that they would not have otherwise.  Bushwick City Farms provides free food and clothing weekly to locals based on the idea to "give what you can, take only what you need".  Additionally, Bushwick City Farms provides important educational programs, such as beginner's ESL classes and how-to gardening lectures for many local public schools interested in encouraging food education and food justice among children.

Since all the projects are run on a volunteer and donation basis, it is super easy to get involved!  New and interesting workshops for the public are always welcome, so any special skills or interests you might have could turn into a fun and popular seminar for residents and farmers alike!  Whether you want to donate your time, clothing, money or skills, contact Bushwick City Farms at to join this growing movement and become a vital part of this community.

For more information about Bushwick City Farms, click here.