Food and People - Lima, Peru with Lisa Mclaughlin

This week's photos of Food & People is by Lisa Mclaughlin, an amazing food writer. Below is what Lisa has to say about the photos and her experience of Lima, Peru. Mistura is an annual gastronomy festival founded by Chef Gaston Acurio who has spearheaded the popularization of Peruvian cuisine both at home and abroad. One of the most amazing things about Mistura, which I attended in 2009, is that while famous chefs from Peru and around the world attend and proffer demos and tastings, the festival is mostly about celebrating all cooks and food equally. The final award last year went not to a Michelin-starred chef but the woman who helms a popular street cart on a Lima street corner serving anticuchos - marinated beef heart kebobs grilled over open flames.

The food stalls at Mistura represent some of the best fine dining restaurants in the city and also the traditional food found in different regions of the country like tacu tacu, an afro-Peruvian dish of beans and rice formed into a cake; causa rellena which are yellow mashed potatoes seasoned with lime and aji peppers and filled with crab; fire-roasted fish cooked on banana leaves called patarashca and cuy frito, or deep-fried guinea pig.

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