Food and People: Rajasthan

This week's photos are taken by Andrew Chapman during his visit to Rajasthan, India - the largest state in India by area. It fills most of the inhospitable Great Indian Desert and borders Pakistan.

We chose photos from different spots in Rajasthan like Jaisalmer, Jaipur and Udaipur.

Rajasthan is known for its traditional, colorful art. It's also a shoppers' paradise, where you can buy hand-crafted blue pottery, wood furniture and rugs at amazing prices. Reflecting the colorful Rajasthani culture, Rajasthani clothes have a lot of mirror-work and embroidery.

If you like spicy, Rajasthan is the place to be but don't expect to find too much meat in this mostly vegetarian region.

The photos shown here really display the bright colors of Rajasthani traditional dress, as well as the dry climate associated with food. Typical dress for Rajasthani women is an ankle length skirt and a short top, also known as a lehenga or a chaniya choli, created in bright colors.

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