Food and People: Ethiopia! My Trip Home

This week's Food and People edition is from my trip to Ethiopia. I always enjoy going back. I often think of Abrogodana, the village where I'm from. Everyday, young girls throughout the village wake up as early as 3am to walk the 1 1/2  to 2 hours it takes to get fresh water. They carry back 2 buckets of water which is intended to be a full day's supply for a family of 8-12 people.

In the Western world, we take for granted our convenient access to clean water for drinking, cooking, showering and even washing our cars. This understanding is what compelled me to be a part of UNICEF's Tap Project, a program that provides clean water to children throughout the world. I hope that some day no child will ever need to travel great distances to gain the access we have here in America.

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