Food and Fashion of the World, Part IV: Classic Americana Comfort

In today's Food and Fashion of the World, we take a flight back over to the States and break free from vibrancy into a more comfortable, classic look. With the high-speed lifestyle of Americans it is no wonder they put comfort before color. In "Style & Fashion Tips", the American classic look is all about "choosing simple silhouettes, soft flowing fabrics and crisp clean lines." Fashion is completely on the same page as American cuisine as whenever people travel the likes of the USA you will find a whole lot of comfort food found anywhere and everywhere. Red Rooster in Harlem is known for taking comfort food to the next level. When you venture off to a big city in America you will most likely find a whole lot of suits and dresses but those outfits are even 'dressed down' with flip flops or runners to get from point A to point B.

The cuisine of America is deeply rooted in a comfort food no matter which state you turn to. In Christina Marrazza's "Why is comfort food so comforting?" notes that "research shows feel-good foods actually change your brain chemistry". In this way when anyone is looking to dive into American cuisine they will look towards comfort foods that remind them of the good old days. American cuisine epitomizes multiple distinctions of comfort food sought throughout the likes of its country. Even if restaurants are trying to portray a more modern flair there will still be traditional comfort food dishes on the menu. Take S'Mac in Manhattan's East Village, where they take the traditional plate of Mac N' Cheese and develop the concept by adding some life to the menu. Everything from Cajun to cheeseburger, at this Mac n' Cheese joint you will feel a sense of American cuisine at its highest level of comfort food. Comfort food will always be a staple in American cuisine, just like comfortable, classical fashion will always been known in America.

Photos: Idhren, Masaki-H