Food and Fashion of the World, Part III: India and Mexico Brighten Things Up

This week in Food and Fashion of the World, we look at two very bright countries that are known not only for their spicy food but also their "spicy" fashion- India and Mexica. With that said, lets hop on over to India for a more vibrant approach with fashion and food.

When one thinks of the lifestyle and culture of India, a few words will possibly come to mind. You think spice, vibrant life, and vivid colors- all because of a rich traditional dress. The traditional dress of India for woman is the sari. Noted on "Indian Fashion", a sari is a unique piece of flat cotton, silk or other fabric intricately woven in varied textures and with different patterns. The sari is the piece of dress that emulates the culture and lifestyle of India. It represents a long thread of grace, status and religion in Indian women.

When you intertwine fashion and food of India, there truly isn't a more perfect fit. The cuisine of India is not only vibrant but also rich in flavor, texture, and color. By enjoying delicious delicacies with unique spices, like curry, garam masala, cardamom, and others; the cuisine of India is a reflection of the fashion of India. Vibrancy is what the dress is like, so why not have a meal that follows along with what dress you decide to put on your back. Street food is also widely popular in India, with "chaat" dishes found on street carts like Aloo Tikki and Pakora.

Another country that is thought to be ever so vibrant in food and fashion is Mexico. Not only does Mexico carry various spices that accentuate your tasting palate but does so in a fun and upbeat way. The culture of Mexico is considered one of the most fascinating cultures of the world as noted in "The Richness of Mexican Culture". With intense artistic expressions along with sound native legends Mexico's culture is seen within the likes of its fashion and food. The fashion ensembles found in Mexico vary whether you are in a big city or in one of the many small towns. The native feel of clothing is shown within the smaller towns and protrudes the multitude of color based on the traditional dress. While venturing through the streets of a big Mexican city you will notice the 'loud-colored' outfits with a more modern twist.

Food is not far behind in that the cuisine in Mexico is just that, loud and colorful. Mexican cuisine is one of the most famous in the world, especially in the United States. Favorites like tacos, enchiladas, and moles are classics that made Mexico famous in the States. It's also known for the heat it packs in every bite, thanks to the numerous chilis found throughout the country. So if you are in the market for a deliciously loud dinner and need a new colorful wardrobe Mexico should be on your list of places to visit.

Photos: madaboutasia, robynejay, and Aine Carlin